I belive the key to success and balance in life is...


It's a marathon,
not a sprint!

I run at least once a week. Every run is different. But I always gain a new lesson at the end of every one of them!

I could go for a run wherever I was. 

Wherever I go, there was a road to run on. Either it was a good run or bad run, I always got some sort of new perspective to look at challenges I was facing. Running time is my way to find a sense of solitude.


I recently participated in the JTBC Seoul Marathon and successfully completed the full course, 42.195 kilometers! It was a long internal battle and one of the most cherished memories in my life so far.


to challenge me for the next goal,
so I can keep up with all the things I want to do in life!

Conditioning and physical training is a big priority in my daily routine. 

I love being able to carry my own groceries, move furnitures, and stand strong on the ground!

It also helps my mental wellness to stay positive and healthy in those stressful times.