Curious about your perspective..👀 

How fascinating is it that you and I would most definitely have different ways of perceiving anything?  

Hi 👋🏽 My name is Kayla and I was born and raised in South Korea where I gained my morals, work ethics, and ambition.

I left home when I was 15 and spent about 10 years in the states where I learned valuable skills such as creative problem-solving, transparent communication, and independence. 

After graduating with a BA degree in TV Studio Production, I worked in seemingly random positions where I gained incredible sets of lessons that led me to become who I am today. 

My past experience and extrovert personality makes me a interpersonal and multidisciplinary UX designer. I aspire to work in a team that shares a goal of building something that has a positive impact on people’s daily lives and healthy habit-forming.


Did you know I also👀





Also, chat with me about..

🏋🏻‍♀️HIIT & Crossfit

Staying active every day energizes me and keeps me in a healthy routine. High Interval Intense Training and CrossFit have been my way to burn calories, stay fit, and strong so I can be an efficient human being! 


I left my home, South Korea at the age of 15 to study abroad in the states. Since then, I lived in 4 states, traveled to many countries in Asia and America, and experienced various cultures. I truly fell in love with the diversity in our humanity and how it shapes individuals in special ways. I am always down to speak about cross-culturalism, diversity and inclusion, and how it make our world more colorful✨


I grew up with a fashionista mama who is still more stylish and in-trend than I am. I always love reading about trends and walking around malls to see what is up! Let's go shopping?😌

🍴Trying cultural food

I think food is the best part when it comes to diversity. I love trying food that I have never tried before and also experiencing culture behind it. Don't mind me crying if you ever catch me at a South African restaurant. I am just having a moment!!!


One of the best work experience still to this day was being a RA in my college years. With an opportunity to be trained and certified to hold emergency communications, I was able to be there for people who needed help and listening ears. I feel the happiest when I can offer solutions or help to people who needs them. This experience taught me that the "solution" could be in many different forms :)